Antimicrobial Enhanced Coatings


Katilac Coatings is pleased to announce our antimicrobial coatings solution KCI-AMA™. Conveniently, all KCI topcoats can be purchased with this built-in antimicrobial enhancement. If you currently use a KCI topcoat, there is no need to switch from the product you know and love in order to get KCI-AMA™ protection.

KCI-AMA™ is a full spectrum antimicrobial enhancement. This solution provides long term, dry film protection against a wide range of pathogens including disease causing germs and viruses. It is non-leaching, non-toxic and is certified for use in both Canada and the United States. KCI-AMA™ enhanced coatings are ideal for use in kitchens, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and senior care facilities.

Product Brochure

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