Sirca Interior Waterborne

6FWPI130 White Waterborne Interior Primer
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This product is white water-based primer, formulated for coating of MDF indoor workpieces. General characteristics of this product are high build and excellent sanding. The product has also a good flow of the substrate and a fast drying (if used as mono-component, while dry time is longer if it is catalysed with 6CW1).

6OW098G Waterbased Self-seal Topcoat
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This product is a self sealer for interior furniture, characterized by good hardness, excellent transparency, good chemical resistances, fast drying time, good definition of the pore, and it is easy to apply.

6SOWOOD Clear Waterborne Natural Effects Topcoat
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This water based clear self-sealing, two-component topcaot is characterized by the appearance of no coating on the wood while providing good protection and moisture resistance.  It has a very soft feel.

6OWPI530G Waterbased White Topcoat for Interior
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6OWPI530G..Series is a white mono component waterborne matt topcoat for interior use. Characteristics of the product are good smoothness and slip, non-yellowing and excellent scratching resistance. For all these reasons, 6OWPI530G series is a good alternative to the solvent topcoats used for the coating of indoor furniture.