We are the colour matching experts 

At both of our company owned locations in Woodbridge and Burlington we have state of the are colour labs staffed by some of the most skilled colour technicians in the business.  At KCI we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate and timely, quality controlled colour matches.  Whether its a simple paint colour or a multi-step stain & glaze system, we've got you covered.  We offer Colour Matching for the following products and systems: 

  • Wiping Stains
  • Spray Stains
  • N.G.R. Stains
  • Shading Lacquers
  • Wet and Dry Glazes
  • Pigmented Primers and Topcoats (in all lines from pre- & post-cat to waterborne and polyurethane)

As the market trends shifted more predominately to opaque finishes, KCI partnered with X-Rite, the leader in colour computer technology, to develop colour matching software to work with our line of wood coatings.  Our X-Rite platform is a database of 70,000 consumer paint colours and the spectrophotometer capabilities can generate formulas from virtually any sample.

Drop a match off at one of our locations and let KCI show you why we are the colour matching experts.  Combine that with our industry leading products and for your woodwork, we've got you covered.